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Education Tax Credits
There are two federal credits available to help offset the cost of higher education for yourself or your dependents.  There are also Tuition and Fees Deductions and Student Loan Interest Deductions available.  These can provide substantial savings at tax time.  We can help you sort through the maze of Education benefits to maximize your education tax savings.  Some details are available at this link:
Early Distribution from Retirement Plans
It may be tempting to take a distribution from your IRA or 401k, but if you are under age 59 1/2 there may be some serious tax consequences to doing so.  Early distributions are usually subject to a 10% tax penalty.  There are some exceptions available though, for such things as the purchase of your first home, or certain medical or educational expenses.  Check out this link for more available details:,-Employee/Retirement-Topics-Tax-on-Early-Distributions
Name Change due to Recent Marriage or Divorce
If you have had a recent name change, avoid a lot of hassle by contacting the Social Security Administration before you try to file your next tax return.  A mismatch between your return and the SSA records can cause processing problems and delay your refund.  For details on how to do this click on this link:

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